You're Welcome is an "almost-accessible" adult boutique located in beautiful downtown Peterborough. All events, workshops and seminars are LGBTQ+ inclusive, kink positive, body positive, and best practise focused. 

The store is "almost-accessible" because the front door and bathroom door are 34" wide. Some mobility devices may not fit. The front door has a small smooth ramp, the store is all one level with 36-40" walkways. The bathroom has a 36" turning radius and sturdy grab bars. (We'd love to do better; we value your feedback! Please get in touch if with your recommendations for improvement!

All events, workshops and seminars include complimentary coffee and tea from Dreams of Beans as well as any required materials. 

Most events are hands off unless otherwise indicated. Most instructors choose to use PowerPoint presentations and other visual aids. If you have any other accessibility requirements please get in touch! 

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