About You're Welcome

You're Welcome is an inclusive adult boutique in Downtown Peterborough. Opened in June 2018 this small mom and mom shop is located in a beautifully renovated historic building. With a wide array of offerings catering to many tastes and preferences, we are happy to promote our local artisans alongside mainstream products. We hope we can provide something for everyone; if we're missing something, let us know!

Our vision and values strongly influence all our business practises: 


"We envision providing local adults with the tools and abilities to empower themselves and others to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction. "

why are we so special?



Female entrepreneurs focused on intersectional (body, kink, ability, age, feminist) inspired business practises. 

Canadian Products

We carry as many local and Canadian products as we can find! We host local artists and artisans and we're always looking for more! 

good vibes

sex positive

kink positive

LGBTQ+ positive

body positive

classes & seminars

Bi-Weekly Classes offered on a variety of topics including; sex, intimacy, BDSM, consent, communication, boundaries!

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